'This group ooze ingenuity, creativity and an astute eye which highlights the funny, the sad, the bad and the mad.’
'For anyone who wants to learn to fly where they have only previously walked or see clearly what they have only ever glimpsed or throw off the shackles of self doubt 'The City and Iris' is both an inspiration and a wonderful way to help point you in the right direction. Go, run now to the box office and buy your escape ticket.' ★★★ – Read the full review

'The City and Iris is a delightful synchronicity of seemingly effortless movement and power that leaves you feeling uplifted and ready to soar, believing that the whole of life does exist as a gift to the individual.'
★★★ The Skinny – Read the full review

'A thoroughly contemporary urban tale that winningly combines physical storytelling with authentic drama.'
'Expertly directed[...]this seven-strong ensemble [...] combine to create a touchingly comic show for all audiences.'
Must-See Stamp- The Stage – Read the full review

'Almost audibly humming with creative energy', 
'Vibrant slice of magical realism'
'Haunting a cappella soundtrack'
'There's a gently mischievous sense of humour running through the piece that makes it an absolute joy.'
★★★ The Scotsman – Read the full review

‘You need to see this: the story is whimsical, the show's immaculately executed’
‘The polish, knowingness and humour […] is what makes them so charming’
★★★ Total Theatre – Read the full review

'A funny and touching story that captures the monotony of a daily routine, but reminds you to appreciate all the little things you ignore every day.'
★★★ Edfestmag – Read the full review

'The show has a spellbinding ambience'
'The real enchantment here is created with a delightful combination of minimal resources and promising talent.'
★★★ FestMag – Read the full review

‘Charming from the start with it’s inventive physicality, Glass-Eye create a whole world for myopic neurotic Iris’
‘A joyful, dreamlike mood [...] Has all the imagination needed to capture the curious kid in you.’
(★★★ Three Weeks) – Read the full review

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