Emily and Zosia

(Glass-Eye Theatre in collaboration with Good-Egg Theatre)

A tale of growth and hope - of an irritable old women and irritating young one, of youthful Europop and beautiful begonia's, of the pain of loss and the healing effects of love. Read more...

The City and Iris

The City and Iris will be performed at Finger in the Pie’s Mimetic Festival on Wednesday the 20th of June, 8pm and Thursday the 21st of June, 8pm at:

The Dugdale Centre, 39 London Road, Enfield, Greater London, EN2 6DS.

For tickets call the box office on 020 8807 6680 or click here to book online. Read more...

The City and Iris played at the Edinburgh Fringe 2010 at the Zoo Roxy. It went on to sell out at Sala Kontainer Festival in Bilbao, September 2010.

Up and Away (working title)

We are currently working on our new show, Up and Away:

It is 1914. Air travel is exotic and dangerous. A young girl gazes endlessly at the blimps floating overhead. The observation balloons, tethered down by thick cables fascinate her and she daydreams relentlessly of flight.

But there is a war on.

As the terrifying adult world infiltrates her fantasies, the girl is propelled into bullet-strewn skies, and a strange world of lost men. Read more...

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