What do we do?

London-based Glass-Eye Theatre formed in November 2009.

Our common training in the pedagogy of Jacques Lecoq at LISPA is complimented by the diversity of our global origins and our unique individual backgrounds. Hailing from nine different countries, our technical training ranges from Butoh and clown through to Shakespeare

We work as an ensemble to create image-based, physical storytelling from scratch.

We use clear and simple narratives and work to bring out their poetic dimensions – to encapsulate and make physical the feeling underneath a text or event.

We celebrate poor theatre. With no traditional ‘set’ we instead manipulate objects, our bodies and voices, and live music to create the worlds of our theatre.

We deny theatres limitations in the digital age by trusting our audiences’ imaginations and daring to stage the impossible. With each new production we challenge ourselves: to fly without leaving the ground, to create a whole city using nothing but a length of rope.

As an international company we appreciate language and the language of gesture in equal measure.

Our desire is to invite our audience to see us fully. Glass-Eye knows that white light contains every colour - we aim to be the prism that reveals the shades and possibilities of what seems to be simple.

Design by Scarletta