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Our London-based theatre troupe creates visual theatre to stimulate the soul, using everything at our physical disposal to tell true-life tales and fantastical fables that playfully probe the surface of life’s little ambiguities.

Book now for our Spring 2014 touring show:
A contemporary urban fairytale, The City and Iris will lead audiences of all ages into a comic-physical universe, where every living and inanimate thing is waiting to reveal it’s unexpected inner life…

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Glass-Eye Theatre

Reviews for Glass-eye Theatre Company

'This group ooze ingenuity, creativity and an astute eye which highlights the funny, the sad, the bad and the mad.’ *****EdinburghGuide.com Read the full review

'A Vibrant slice of magical realism' ‘There's a gently mischievous sense of humour running through the piece that makes it an absolute joy.'
****The Scotsman – Read the full review

'The City and Iris is a delightful synchronicity of seemingly effortless movement and power that leaves you feeling uplifted and ready to soar, believing that the whole of life does exist as a gift to the individual.'
****The Skinny – Read the full review

EdinburghGuide.com ★★★★
The Scotsman ★★★★
Total Theatre Magazine ★★★★
The Skinny★★★★
Three Weeks ★★★★
Festmag.co.uk ★★★★
EdFestMag.co.uk ★★★★
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